Monday, January 30, 2012

ROYAL Copenhagen - an aesthetic delight

"Blute Fluted Plain"

The Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory, which later became Royal Copenhagen, was founded as the result of experiments carried out by the pharmacist, Frantz Heinrich Müller (1738-1820).
Some of the porcelain factory's most popular pieces are now being launched in minimalist, white porcelain.

"White Flutet" half lace

"White Fluted"

Mugs "White Flutetd"


"Flora Danica" - One of the most beautiful collections

Flora Danica
is a comprehensive atlas of botany, containing folio-sized pictures of all the wild plants native to Denmark, in the period from 1761-1883. In 1790 the Danish Crown Prince Frederik ordered a dinner set made decorated with exact copies of the plates of Flora Danica. The dinner set was meant as a gift for Russian Empress Catherine II . Catherine, however, never received it, as she died in 1796.

Royal Copenhagen Shop in Amagertorv 6, Copenhagen

Erected in 1616 for Mayor Mathias Hansen, it is one of the few buildings that survived the great fire of 1728 as well as the bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807. The voluted facade and its downpipes adorned with dragon heads are among the many impressive details that make the building unique. Since 21 April 1911, the company has sold porcelain from the beautiful and historic building.

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store: Amagertorv 6, 1160 Copenhagen K.

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