Saturday, May 19, 2012


I APPRECIATE this DESK very much. Its elegant and reduced shapes, the strict frame, the SPACE it creates within the CUBE and the airy feel it has at the same time.
The furniture producer SNICKERIET launched a collection of handmade furniture at Nitty Gritty in Stockholm. SNICKERIET consist of two cabinetmakers and two designers. The collection consist of a DESK, a pentant, a cabinet as well as a cupboard. Elegant shapes, interesting SURFACES with carefully manufactured DETAILS.

Karl-Johan Hjerling, creative director and designer at SNICKERIET about their project:  
"SNICKERIET is a platform at the intersection point, where everything from idea to
production is in our own hands. We can let every idea develop as direct as possible, and work with solutions that would have been rejected by most other furniture producers.”

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